Thursday, April 25, 2019

What is CPC in Adsense?

What is CPC in Adsense? it is one of the biggest questions of new Bloggers or New youtubers which does not know much about Adsense policies and How the CPC related to Earning. So, We all will know this today.

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What is CPC in Adsense?

  What Is CPC?

Cost-Per-Click is Also known as CPC. From its name you can understand the meaning as Cost-Per-Click, The cost what will you get if someone clicks on the Advertisement. It is the Click rate for the advertisement means if you get $1 CPC in Google Adsense then if someone will click on the Ad showing on your Youtube channel or Blog then you will get $1 for only for a single click but getting $1 CPC is very rare. 

How The CPC is Calculated? 

(CPC) is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks. 

What Factors Affect CPC?

CPC is affected by several reasons such as like-:

  1.  Country 
  2. Advertisers Budget
  3. The Article Ranking
Let's discuss these all-:

 Country- The Factor country is such as that the company Google Adsense gives Higher CPC in the country such as America, United Kingdom, Cannada, And Dubai. As Google Believes that these country peoples are loyal and does not do Paid Clicking, Whereas countries like - India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries because they think that these countries do self and Paid Clicking.
 Advertisers Budget- The Budget means as the advertisers give their Ads to Google ads to show their ads. So, they also fix some prices and Bids which is the factor of the CPC
  The Article Ranking- The Ranking of the Article is the Main factor on which Keyword it is ranking. If it is ranking on high CPC keywords so we can also get High CPC for per click.