Sunday, March 17, 2019

10 people arrested for playing Pubg in Rajkot,Gujrat

 Pubg banned in Gujrat, But till peoples Playing Player Unknown Battle Ground Mobile popularly known as PUBG Mobile.

 10 people arrested for playing Pubg in Rajkot, Gujrat

About a week before the Rajkot of Gujarat, a notification was issued about the ban on 'Player Unknown BattleGrounds' (PUBG). But people did not give up playing Pubg in spite of this. In the last two days, Rajkot Police has arrested 10 people playing PUBG. Six of these are students (undergraduates). Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal says that on March 6, 12 notifications have been registered since the notification was issued on the ban on the game. This is a kind of bailable offense. The police can file a case against the people but can not arrest them. They can get Bell immediately. Due to the disregard of the notification, the matter can go to court and trial is also done.

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On Wednesday, the Rajkot Special Operation Group (Sogo) arrested three people. He was caught playing ducky with a Pubg playing They were taken in the Hirsch Two cases have been registered against these people. Police say that the phones of these people have been seized for investigation. Playing this game gets addicted to it. The people caught by the police were so lost in the game that they did not know that the police team reached them.

Two people in the arrested are in the job while a job is in search of. A day before, the police had arrested 6 college students. These students were playing games at the tea and dinner shop outside the college. The police searched the phones of these people whether or not they were being played on their phone. Later the case was registered against everyone.

In the notification issued on March 6, the police had banned Pubg and Momo Challenge. Police were informed that after playing these games the youth are becoming violent. It also affects the education and behavior of the youth and children. These two games were banned to protect people and maintain law and order.


The Conclusion is that we should never play such games which break our laws. As these 10 peoples where breaking laws and then the Police Arrested them.

What Is Pubg? 

In this game, you do not have anything in the beginning. You are dispatched by an airplane parachute on 8 × 8 Km Island. In which there are a total of 100 players. By fighting these 100 players you have to stay till the last one.
    The person who survives until the end is considered a winner. From the houses built on this island, you have to collect all the things you need. Eg - Food, Clothes, Weapons, Bag etc.
    You can play it in 3 ways. You can play this game alone or with two people or with 4 people. If you play it alone, then you have to do everything.

    The second does not get any support. But if you play with 2 or 4 people then the other member of the team can give you all these things Food and Weapons.
    If you kill an enemy, then you can go to him and collect all his things too. Where there is a Green Signal. When you land on this island, this circle is slightly larger.
    You can see it by clicking on the right side of the map. As time goes on, this circle becomes smaller. And you have to survive in it.

If you live longer than this, you are also killed because of staying out of Playzone. The fun of playing this game comes at a time when the circle becomes smaller. And the number of surviving players is inside this. And if you survive here you are made a Winner.
Features of PUBG Game

In this game, you get lots of features. Let us know what you are telling us about its features.

    High Explained Map

It is very easy to remember the map of this game. This map makes you Feel like being in Real City. Like - House, Tree, Rivers and you get 3d Sound Effect in it.

    Team Up With Friends

You can survive this game with your friends too. And you can win the game by creating your own good team. You can also do a live chat with Voice Chat.

    Travel In Style

You can easily reach Playzone in this game with the help of Boats, Car, Trucks, Motorcycles. You can find your enemy by traveling.

    Realistic Weapons

In the game, you get the Weapons exactly like the Real Weapons. With Firearms, Melee Weapons, Shooting Location, and Scope Zoom, you get Real Gameplay

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