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[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

Which Website Provide cheap Domain is the biggest question in the mind of bloggers or maybe there any website holder or it can be also Which is the best budget website to buy domain name 2019? and today I will tell you all about that Which Website Provide cheap Domain. There are many websites which provide cheap Domain. Such as- Godaddy, Blue Host, Big rock, Name Cheap And HostGator. So let's get more knowledge About them.

[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

What Is Domain

While the term "domain" is commonly used synonymously with "domain name," it additionally features a definition specific to native networks.

A domain contains a bunch of computers that may be accessed and administered with a typical set of rules. as an example, an organization could need all local laptops to be networked inside the identical domain so every computer will be seen from different computers within the domain or placed from a central server. fixing a website might also block outside traffic from accessing computers inside the network, that adds The next level of security.

Which Site is more Popular 

The Popularity of Websites are- 
  1. Godaddy
  2. BlueHost 
  3. Big Rock 
  4. HostGator
  5. Name Cheap

 [Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

 Which Site provide Cheap hosting-:

Hey guys today I will compare all the Famous Domain providing Sites and I will show you buy buying the Domains from them and I will buy my site domain which is

1. Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the biggest platforms for Domains giving and recently it also opened the Hosting plans but that is not successful so peoples only buy domains from them as they sell domains at a cheapest cost which no one gives as they tell. And which will see at the end that which domain hosting is the cheapest as will compare almost all the Famous Domain providing websites?

[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019
The rate of Godaddy domain for my site is is Rs.472.65/1 year. as they are giving for INR. 399 or RS.400 and they take tax Rs.73.65/1 year. So, According to me, it is cheap but let check the price of other sites for Domain. And you can also get SEO friendly Domain For Rs.500/Month as you can see in the left side written Recommended for You.

 2. Blue Host

Blue Host is a very famous site for domains and hosting as this site is advertised by very famous and successful bloggers such as Harsh Aggarwal from Shout Me Loud. This Site also says it provides cheap domain.

[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

As well we can see that the price of its hosting is $11.99 and if we transfer it into INR the price will be nearby Rs.853.27 it is a nice price but it is costlier as this is their plan because if you know the Bluehost scheme that they give free domain with hosting. so that's why like if someone came for domain they will show him first the hosting and tell that buy hosting and get domain free this is a type of their business scheme because Blue host is a very famous site especially in U.S.A and U.K. So the most peoples buy hosting only from Bluehost as it gives us a hack free site with free domain.


Our no.3 is HostGator it is mainly a Hosting site I think that everybody gets by its name HostGator. HostGator mainly provide hosting but from some time these are providing Domain also. And in the google search, their domains are also coming so let's check it.

[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

The price for their Domain is Rs.884 that is too much for these types of sites as these sites don't provide good domain. and if we buy the domains from these sites and then the customer support is not much action and I mainly don't like their hosting too as their hosting is also very costlier then any other sites. So, I personally recommend you not to buy a domain from this site.


 So, if we see at NameCheap it is a well-known site for providing Domains their Hosting plans are also cheap but hosting is not successful as like Godaddy the most peoples buy only their Domains.

[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

So, As we can see the Domain price of this site is cheap as well as it also gives us some protection for free as you can see in the Image 'WhoisGuard" it is free forever. Well, I will like to buy the Domain from this Website. as there is also a Protection free and the Domain price is also less. This site is so much popular for giving domains as sometimes when there are any kind of discount or coupons the domain price decreases from Rs.644 to nearby Rs.100 or Rs.200.

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BigRock is also a Domain Website. Who provide cheap Domains to the users. And it is also a very famous Domain selling website next to the GoDaddy. so let's check their prices.

[Cheapest] Top 5 Website Provide cheap Domain in 2019

As we all can see that the price of BIGROCK is cheap as it told you in an upper paragraph the price of this domain is Cheaper than GoDaddy it is of Rs.471 and Godaddy provides for Rs.472 means the BIGROCK is cheaper than GoDaddy by Rs.1 😵😵.

Is BlueHost Is better than GoDaddy 

GoDaddy has the complete, pricing, and mind-share within the web site business. Bluehost is one amongst the oldest and most honorable shared hosting corporations on the net. As if you ask I will give you one most good advice that buys from GoDaddy but if you want to buy from BlueHost you can buy but Never Buy Domain from HostGator.


So, Guys, you check the price of all the Websites and their quality and what type of these are. And I want to tell you something the cheapest Domain site is Name Cheap but in Pictures, there are GoDaddy and BIGROCK but if you see it clearly shows that the coupons are used there. Means the price of the GoDaddy and BIGROCK are also nearby Rs.700 -Rs.800/Per Year. All Websites and Companies are good for Domain which I mentioned except HostGator as the reason I already told in its Paragraph. But there is a special request to Indians that some peoples who don't know the English language. The BigRock Company can also speak in other languages like Hindi etc.

And now some will ask me from where I had bought the Domain so I tell you that I had bought the domain from the GoDaddy Website. As they are providing cheap domain and they are popular and secure for giving Domains.


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