Sunday, February 24, 2019

TrueCaller Is Thieving your Data!!! How

True Caller the one of the biggest mobile industry is thieving our data. We are recommending True Caller but it is the biggest scammer. Want to know how just read the full article.

True Caller Is Thieving your Data!!! How

TrueCaller Is Thieving your Data!!! How

What is TrueCaller

For Common Peoples, Truecaller is basically an App by which we can get the Real name of a  Person and place from where he is calling. This is the main purpose of using TrueCaller. And now TrueCaller is updated and some new features came in it such as we can send or receive Money from our contacts and We can also Send text messages and do video call such like Whatsapp. Their new updates are a there business strategy to gain more popularity.

How are they Cheating us

TrueCaller is cheating us legally but illegal. As today when I was going to download Truecaller in My new Mobile phone. I just check out the permissions and I saw its permission which was access to all Mobile contacts, Messages, Camera and Images, Location, Phone Storage and Back Ground access.

Access to Mobile contacts and Messages are Ok because when we open Truecaller there is a contact and Messages Tab from where we have access to them in True caller App. But why to All other Things such as Camera-Images, Location, BackGround Access, and Phone Storage. And I want to tell you that BackGround Access indirectly means access to all apps.

How I Know they are Cheating  

When I saw the Permission. I went to google and search for it but there was no answer. So, I opened Youtube and and search for it and there was a famous Youtuber SidTalk was telling about it. So,I also should make peoples make aware of it and if you want that Video at the Last of the article I will give that video by that you can learn briefly.

What they do with Our Information  

TrueCaller is making us Fool by giving our Information to ourself. As sometimes when we search a detail of Mobile Number on TrueCaller it Doesn't show any detail of that Number is because that People never used TrueCaller and that's why TrueCaller doesn't shows any detail of him.

How TrueCaller Knows My name

And,Now some Peoples will ask me that we never used Truecaller but why our Information is Showing in Truecaller. The reason is that like your Name and Mobile Number is Saved in 10 Mobiles and almost in 6 Mobile your name is Same and in 4 mobiles your name is diffrent and All 10 Mobiles are using TrueCaller and then Truecaller will check the name which is more written and it will save your name as it. And the whole Process is Done by Truecaller Robots or we can say TrueCaller Bots.

What is the benefit of Them in It 

The benefit is such like if you want anyone Mobile no. Such as Big celebrities , Prime Ministers. Truecaller is having Mobile Number of everyone you can buy from them and you will get the Number and True Caller will have Money.

How True Caller Earns Money 

First Earning Method of Truecaller had Told You by Selling Mobile Numbers, 2nd is when you open their Mobile app or Website you can see Some ads. By the Ads they are also earning money and The no.3 is Sometimes when spam calls by companies like Mobile companies,Policies and etc. The TrueCaller shows it as Spam Call or such like that and peoples never pick it up. So,It becomes a loss for That companies then these companies gave money to TrueCaller to remove them from their Spam list and can write anyother name.


As we are Blaming Facebook and Google Plus that they are misusing our Data and Information and the our Data is not secure there but the real one is Truecaller. As, I personally recommend you not to use TrueCaller as it is a Swedish company and in upper paragraphs I explained in detailed.