Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New feature in WhatsApp ,Face ID Lock 2019

New feature in WhatsApp Face ID Lock and whatsapp become more secure.

A brand new feature is now available in Whatsapp:


Popular Facebook-owned chat service WhatsApp has updated its iOS app these days with support for biometric identification, permitting users to ‘lock’ the app with Face ID or touch ID. though the feature doesn't work on a per chat basis, sanctioning the feature will add an additional layer of security to your non-public WhatsApp conversations. 

The update log makes no mention of the other options, however, you'll still browse the brief description for WhatsApp 2.19.20 below,

Previously, WhatsApp created headlines once Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aforementioned that merging messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram would produce a safer expertise. He compared the potential merging of the services to iMessage.

Though users can still be ready to read WhatsApp notifications (should they prefer to show message previews) and fast reply inside iOS, the total app won’t be ready to be accessed unless the quality iOS authentication method is booming

What is the Update:

The Update Is That there is a Face ID lock by which you can lock your whats using face-camera which help to make whatsapp more secure and this update is specially made by the request of Apple Company.

For which OS is this Update is? 

 Till This update is only for IOS user means only for I-Phone users as they were suffering a Problem for whatsapp Security.

What Is the Problem?

The Problem is mainly that The Iphone Users Can't lock their WhatsApp as from beginning there was not any option for locking WhatsApp and it was a one of the cause that peoples not buys Iphone. It looks joke but it is reality that much peoples left Iphone.

Is this update is also for Android OS?

Till this update is only for I-phone users and till there is not any chance for android as if whatsapp will make update it will required a good quality Face-camera which is not there for cheap android mobiles. Or the update can come for High price smartphone (rs.20000-50000) rate Mobiles or it can came for Redmi(MI) Smartphones as their cheap mobiles it also having good quality of cameras.

How to make it active: 

To make it active, at first you must have a New updated Whatsapp and then switch on your I-Phone and open Whatsapp and click on edit and then open setting and then go to last option in it which is privacy and then in it open screen lock and set it by your face and all set.

Is only face lock feature came?

No,With face lock the finger lock is also coming where if your face doesn't match then you can match your fingers and open you whatsapp and it is really very cool to have like this.

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Whatsapp owned by facebook:

WhatsApp messenger is a software system and cross-platform electronic communication and vocalisation IP (VoIP) service in hand by Facebook.The application permits the sending-receiving of text messages and voice calls, additionally as video calls, pictures and different media, documents, and user location.The application runs from a mobile device however is additionally accessible from desktop computers; the service needs client users to produce a typical cellular mobile variety. Originally, users might only communicate with others severally or in teams of individual users, however in Gregorian calendar month 2017, WhatsApp proclaimed a forthcoming business platform that will modify firms to produce client service to users at scale.

The consumer was created by WhatsApp INC., primarily based in Mountain read, California, that was noninheritable  by Facebook in February 2014 for about US$19.3 billion. By Gregorian calendar month 2018, WhatsApp had a user base of over one and a 0.5 billion,] creating it the foremost standard electronic communication application at the time. WhatsApp has mature in multiple countries, as well as Brazil, India, and huge elements of Europe, as well as the uk and France.