Friday, February 8, 2019

Google AdSense Advertising Program

Google AdSense Advertising Program

Facebook has become extremely popular, just like Google. You can display your Ads only in your city, your state, the whole country or world, or within a ray of a location. Google has AdWords which include both Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression options as does Facebook. With Google you can advertise on their search sites that include not only, but along with other search partners. You may also advertise on the Google Display Network. The Display Network consists of thousands of web sites that have integrated Google advertisements throughout the Google AdSense program. With Facebook you can choose to Pay per Click or Pay per Impression.

Advertising on Facebook is in some ways comparable to advertising on the Google Display Network. A common question is Which is better, AdWords or Facebook Ads? . The user on Google search sites is looking for something of course. Less is known about the intent of the user on Facebook. The user on Facebook has a profile which includes the users gender, approximate age, likes, interests, hobbies, etc. As an advertiser on Facebook you can target your advertisements to display to a subset of Facebook users based on the parameters that you specify when setting up your advertisements. If you're advertising womens shoes you can target your Ads to display only to women in the age group 18-55 who've specified Clothing or Shoes as their interests.

So you're targeting your advertisements to the demographics that's more than likely to purchase your service or product. With AdWords you don't have this capability particularly if using only the Google Search Sites option. With the Google Display Network your Ads will be shown on web sites which are related to what you're advertising. A female who's 18 years old can be looking at a fishing web site and your Google Ad that advertises mens sun glasses can be showing on that web site wherein case you're not getting the most accurate target for your Ad. When deciding between Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising at all times consider the user.

Users don't go to Facebook looking to purchase a service or product. Users go to Facebook to network and communicate with buddies, to find new buddies, to be entertained, etc. Users on Google search sites are searching for something and you frequently know much about what they're searching for based on their web search query. Individuals are probably in more of a purchase mode when they're on than when they're on Facebook. On Facebook and the Google Display network you're depending more on impulsive buyers to sell your item or service. Selling on Facebook depends upon you catching or remind the user that they want or need your product or service.

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