Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pokemon Fire Red- Pallet Town | Tutorial 1|

Hi guys, After Downloading the game Pokemon Fire Red And if not downloaded Yet. Download From Here
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After a mini-tutorial on button presses and also the like, you may be greeted by prof Oak. He needs a bit info from you so as to get started. First, he'll raise if you're a boy or girl. verify that you would like to be, then name your character. He'll then introduce you to his grandchild, your biggest rival. you furthermore may get to call him. If you wish to be just like the real origin, name him green. However, he are going to be called Gary (from the anime) such the rest of the walk-through.


When you gets in your character. You will find yourself in a Bed Room.and then come downstairs to your mom and by that way you have to go out for the house.


Then You have to go the Upper side of the town and then there will be bushes and go inside and when you go inside the Prof. Oak will call you for giving pokemon.


Then he will take you to his Lab and say to select a Pokemon.The Pokemons there will be Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. Took Any of three Pokemon but my suggestions will be more with SQUIRTLE  as it will help you in the you First Gym Battle as it will be rock type.And after tooking the pokemon the Garry will take a match with you and the winner will get the Experience and their will learn new attacks.

After defeating Garry, Come out of lab and then go out of village and go straight and there will be some pokemon comes in front of you but don't catch them just faint/defeat them and go in straight after some time a city will come and go in left of it and enter the PokeMart and there will be a parcel for prof. Oak take it and again go to your city back and go in Prof. Oak's Lab. and go near to them and Press Button A

and then you will get Pokedex and Pokeballs and Then go again to that city and Talk to the Old person he will teach you how to catch a pokemon.

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