Friday, October 26, 2018

Upcoming new features in WhatsApp!!

According to the Whatsapp Beta version Testers, Now-on-words the Whatsapp will show Ads In Whatsapp to earn more money. And this update will come soon. To know why Whatsapp is doing so read the full post. So, let’s get in the post Upcoming this new features in Whatsapp.
New features in WhatsApp

What is Whatsapp

I think that all peoples who are reading this post know what is Whatsapp. But let me tell you, Whatsapp is a Quick and instant messaging app and our favorite app. We can send messages and read messages. It can be of any type it can be a text message, image, voice, Pdf, files and etc. And it is of very less MB and can be easily found in their store at Android, Windows, And IOS.

What is the Update

As you read in our tagline of this post that Whatsapp is going to show ads in the app. As the Parent Company of Whatsapp Facebook ( Parent company means the now owner but not the maker) had decided to give ads in Whatsapp status to earn money as Billions of peoples use Whatsapp and Billions of peoples make status and as same billions of peoples will see the Status.

New features in WhatsApp
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And simple thing if millions-billions peoples will see status and of-course they will see the ad if an ad is there they will earn money as many views.

Why Whatsapp is doing so

Some of you think that Whatsapp is doing because they have left out with less money but the reason is another. As the founder of Whatsapp Jan Koum sold Whatsapp to Facebook at the cost of $2.5 billion dollars. Which is nearby Rs.1,85,28,75,00,00,000.

 New features in WhatsApp
Jan koum
As the latest news, From Whatsapp was that the Whatsapp is going to be closed due to many reasons but as the Whatsapp was Bought by Facebook that’s why it is there. The CEO of Whatsapp had left the company that’s why the maker of Whatsapp was the head and he gives the app to the Facebook. The company has decided to start showing ads in Whatsapp in the Year 2019. New year new ads and new and more money.

New Features in Whatsapp

The Whatsapp is now doing work on Many new features in its App which the peoples were asking from very earlier. The features will be like this-:
  • The Whatsapp is going to make a Feature name Dark Theme Mode. Yes, it is a theme that you can apply to chat in Night. Where the white light will not irritate your eyes in Night. And the night mode is already available on Youtube and Twitter.
  • The 2nd feature name ‘Swipe To Write’ means you can comment or reply the message by just swiping the Message. And it is already Present in IOS Whatsapp and the Whatsapp is now working on it in Android. As most of the peoples can’t afford IOS that’s why the features of IOS comes to Android also.
  • The 3rd feature is in Dark mode. In which when we will apply dark mode the color of the text will be Change in different colors.


So, Guys, these were some Upcoming this new features in Whatsapp which we know from Whatsapp Website. Having any doubt or want to tell us something feel free to comment us.